PVJ WELD - Ship builder

Experience, know-how and trust.

PVJ WELDs main business area is services which are made for ship industrys needs inside shipyards. Welding machine service, machine rental and validations.

Our special knowhow is in equipments of ship building and offshore industry, but we also service other industry areas when needed.

Our services

Welding machine service, rental, validation and spare parts.


Welding machine service for companies which are working on Helsinki and Turku shipyards.
-Meyer Turku
-Arctech Helsinki Shipyard

Validations inside shipyards

Validations available with standard EN50504.

Machine rental

Large scale of welding machines with different kind of combinations.
Mag- Tig- MMA- bolt- and pin-welding machines, welding carriages and Plasma-cutters are available for reasonable price.
Technical support is available in shipyards on monday to friday 7.00-15.00.
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Parts sales

Spare parts and consumables for common welding machine marks.