Welding equipment sale, verification and rental

Seamless welding equipment service for shipbuilders

PVJ Weld Oy offers welding equipment services tailored to the needs of the shipbuilding industry at Turku and Helsinki shipyards with 30 years of experience.

Our welding solutions at shipyards cover everything related to welding machine sales, maintenance and verification, and rental. As a local player, we are able to provide reliable and fast services for production needs.


Welding solutions for the shipbuilding industry

Sales of welding equipment

We are an authorized reseller of Kemppi in Finland and Taylor Studwelding Systems Ltd in England. We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality welding equipment in several different packages, as well as spare parts and consumables for all the most common welding machine brands.

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Maintenance and verification of welding equipment

We are also an authorized service center for Kemppi and Taylor. We offer comprehensive maintenance and repair services for welding equipment and perform verification of welding equipment in accordance with the current EN IEC 60974-14: 2018 standard, both as a separate service and in connection with annual maintenance.

Rental of welding equipment

We also offer a rental service for welding equipment and supplies for shipbuilding professionals and companies in the heavy metal industry, for example to compensate for peak periods. We also rent equipment to our customers for trial use, which makes it easier to make a purchase decision when purchasing equipment.

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About us

PVJ Weld is an experienced partner in the shipbuilding industry

PVJ Weld Oy was founded in 2007 and specializes in the sale, maintenance and rental of welding equipment. PVJ Weld’s operations are led by CEO Petri Mäkelä, and the company’s personnel also includes six service technicians at two different shipyards in Turku and Helsinki.

Our special expertise is focused on the shipbuilding and offshore industries, but we also respond to the needs of other industries according to our resources.

Our close cooperation with shipyards, companies in the shipbuilding industry and equipment manufacturers makes us the best service provider in our industry. Our comprehensive services at shipyards cover everything related to welding machines at every stage of a shipbuilding project.

Our expertise in modern shipbuilding, our long experience in a demanding field and our direct connection to welding equipment factories guarantee our customers first-class service and always fast deliveries.