Sales of welding equipment

At PVJ Weld, you get everything you need for welding in the shipbuilding industry, from welding equipment and spare parts to gas hoses and extension cords etc.

With over 30 years of experience, we know which equipment provides the best quality in the demanding shipbuilding industry and help you choose the best equipment for your application. With us, you always get expert and personal service.

Our wide range of warehouses at the Helsinki and Turku shipyards, our close cooperation with the best equipment manufacturers in the industry and fast delivery times guarantee that you will always find the equipment and accessories you need from us.

PVJ Weld is an authorized reseller and warranty service provider for domestic Kemppi welding equipment. Kemppi Oy is a family business founded in 1949 and a pioneer in the welding industry, which has shaped the welding industry worldwide. Kemppi’s equipment, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of arc welding equipment, is manufactured at the Lahti plant.

Welding equipment

Kemppi’s welding equipment is ideally suited to the demanding conditions of shipyards. Through us, you can also get all of Kemppi’s equipment models and the most common models directly from our warehouse. We know what kind of equipment, cables and guns make the best mark in shipbuilding and we are happy to help you choose the equipment that best suits your needs.


Choose safe and reliable Kemppi welding gun and produce a top-notch seam. Kemppi’s guns combine comfort, welding efficiency and a long service life of consumables.

Fresh air helmets

Kemppi’s high-quality XFA fresh air helmets are specially designed for the needs of the heavy metal industry. Their light weight and good ergonomics make the use of protective equipment more comfortable, and especially the wide grinding visor has received special praise among shipbuilders. Fresh air masks and spare parts are available directly from our warehouse. Masks are available with both automatic and by manual dimming, battery operated or compressed air models.

Spare parts and accessories

We also offer a comprehensive range of spare parts and accessories for Kemppi welding equipment. We make sure that our customers always have high-quality spare and consumable parts at their disposal and that we keep the most common products in stock. In this way, we are able to ensure that production interruptions remain as short as possible even in the event of a fault.

We operate as an authorized reseller and service dealer for Taylor Studwelding Systems Ltd in the UK. Taylor Studwelding is a family business founded in 1985 that has been manufacturing reliable studwelding equipment for over 35 years. A comprehensive range and fast and reliable deliveries guarantee excellent availability of Taylor welding equipment and spare parts. Helpful support and customer service ensure that technical problems are always resolved promptly.

Studwelding equipment

PVJ Weld has a wide range of Taylor studwelding equipments and wide range of fasteners. We have equipment for all types of welding, be it Drawn Arc (DA), Capacitor discharge (CD) or Short cycle (SC). We know which equipment provides the best quality in the shipbuilding industry, and if necessary, we will be happy to guide and train you in the use of the equipment as well. We have trained several companies for welding in accordance with strict quality requirements at Meyer Turku Oy’s shipyard.

Spare parts, welded studs and by-products

As an authorized Taylor service representative, we also have a comprehensive range of spare parts for welding equipment. Welding studs can be found in stock immediately, and if the material you need is not available at the moment, we will order it for you.

At PVJ Weld you will also find a very wide range of Trafimet welding consumables and spare parts, as well as torches for all welding and plasma cutting jobs. Please contact us for more details!