Maintenance and verification of welding equipment

PVJ Weld Oy offers expert maintenance and verification of welding equipment for the needs of the shipbuilding industry. Our expert maintenance teams serve shipbuilders on site at the Turku and Helsinki shipyards and help keep production running without interruption.

Service opening hours

At the Turku shipyard on weekdays from 7.00 am to 3.30 pm
At the Helsinki shipyard on weekdays from 6.45 to 3.30 pm


Annual maintenance, warranty maintenance and repairs

As an authorized service center for Kemppi and Taylor, we offer expert service for welding equipment for the needs of shipbuilders.

We perform on-site maintenance at shipyards, which means that equipment that often comes in for service is ready to pick up the very next day. In connection with the maintenance of larger quantities of equipment, the schedule is agreed with customer service in advance so that the equipment can be returned to production without interruption.

We also have a wide range of spare parts on our own shelf and direct access to the factories of the equipment manufacturers we represent, which guarantees fast delivery times for order products in connection with service.

If necessary, we also service and repair welding equipment from other manufacturers if possible.


We perform annual verifications of welding equipment in accordance with the current EN IEC 60974-14: 2018 standard, either conveniently in connection with annual maintenance or as a separate service.

We use Kemppi’s ArcValidator system for verification, which enables a fast and accurate verification process for all welding equipment brands and models, as well as up-to-date reporting.

Thanks to our local service team, you can get your welding equipment back to use quickly – even the next day.